Home food delivery made easy!

Our Platform

Many people can relate to the irreplacablly warm feeling of having a home-cooked meal made by a family member, relative or friend. However, it can be difficult to find opportunities for people to enjoy these meals due to the absence of that kind of person in their lives to provide them with said meals.

In a similar vein, there are many home cooks, be it housewives, aspiring chefs or just general people who love cooking as a hobby, but rarely have an opportunity to share their culinary creations with anyone. Not to mention, in the housewives’ case, they may sometimes feel like their cooking doesn’t contribute enough to their households.

MealsFromHome allows these cooks to deliver these cooked meals to people who may like to try them while giving these talented home-chefs an extra source of income, effectively creating a tiny cooking business within a small neighborhood community. When people are in the mood for a home-cooked meal rather than having to look for restaurant meals that are often much more expensive than home-cooked ones, they could simply use the platform to find nearby chefs willing to offer their cooking services to suit their needs.

Our Story

At some point in everyone's life, we've eaten something cooked in a humble home kitchen. Sometimes home food can beat its equivalent in restaurants. Sometimes it might not quite hit those lofty heights. Regardless, there's something undeniably special about having a meal that you know wasn't cooked in an industrial kitchen. Especially in the hustle and bustle of work and school life, Whether subconsciously or actively, there's always the lingering thought floating around in our heads;

"It would be nice to have a quality home-cooked meal whenever I wanted."

Under lockdown, many people where stuck at home even when it came to work. Naturally, many of us learnt a new skill; a common one being cooking! Using this concept, our team thought of turning the dull connotations of WorkFromHome (WFH) on its head, resulting in the fun food concept of MealsFromHome!


Anyone and Everyone

From food lovers to busy everyday people who simply want to appreciate a passionately made meal after a long day to people who just want to connect with their communities more, We've got everyone covered.

Explore the different cuisines of your neighborhood, get to know who's the best chef in town, and relive that magical feeling of having a home-cooked meal with the convenience of our platform.

Home Cooks

Maybe you know a friend who can make pasta to die for, but doesn't have an outlet to sell it. Perhaps you're a housewife or caretaker looking for an extra source of income while continuing to hone your culinary craft.

With MealsFromHome, you'll finally have a platform where you can share your meals with your community and let your name be heard as the person responsible for baking those cookies your estate loves so much.

Property Owners

Residential estates tend to have multiple towers that each boast an impressive number of floors. When you consider just how many residents live in these complexes, the quality of life our platform can provide is a no-brainer.

What would normally be isolated housing units could be transformed into friendly, tight-knit communities built on the common love of food. Wouldn't it be nice if a resident kickstarted their home restaurant career?


As with any delivery service, we need something to contain the home-cooked treats to ensure they reach you in peak levels of deliciousness. With environmentalism in mind, we've decided to opt for fully recyclable paper boxes that will be supplied to every home chef who've agreed to partner with our platform.

By the customer's request, if they choose to visit the kitchen to collect the food themselves, they can always indicate that they prefer to bring their own lunchbox for the round trip.

Nov 2021